Care Tips

All our jewelries have stainless steel base and are therefore resilient and guarantee to last longer if proper care is taken. We recommend removing jewelry if you plan on doing any activities and using products that may compromise the finish and shine of your piece. Our jewelries are water resistant and will not tarnish or fade when wet. Do not wet with chemicals or perfumes. Once wet, we recommend drying them with dry cloth afterwards and storing it in our novelty boxes.

  • We always recommend to put your jewels on last to minimize the exposure to any chemicals.

  • Don't wear jewelry in the pool, chlorine and salt water can damage your jewelry.


Beads should be treated gently and with care. Never overstretch the elastic band, store them in Unik Dazzels pouch or novelty boxes.


Dollar Bill Sizing

United States one-dollar bill - Wikipedia

Step 1: Wrap the dollar bill around the smallest part of your wrist.

Step 2: Order “S/M” if part of the dollar bill touch itself when wrapped around your wrist. This will help avoid the bracelet slipping around too much and being uncomfortable.

Also, order “S / M" bracelets if the dollar bill is within 1 inch of touching. 

Step 3: If the dollar bill does not touch itself when wrapping it around you wrist, Order “L / XL”

Please Note: The difference between S/M and L/XL is less than 1 inches (1-2cm). Mixing and matching different sizes with fit based on show loose or tight you want your bracelet to look. Most of our bracelets have 2 inches extender which gives you room to get the fit you want.


Below are Helpful hints to help keep earrings looking its best for longer:

  • Remove jewelry if you plan on doing any activities and using products that may compromise the finish and shine of your piece.
  • Take jewelry off in the pool to avoid contact with chlorine.
  • Refresh jewelry using a jewelry polishing cloth to remove tarnishes and smudging.
  • Earrings with metal safety backs should be worn all the time in order to prevent loss.  
  • Store jewelry in our novelty boxes when not in use 


necklace-sizes.png     2.3 mm Antiqued Sterling Silver Rope Chain - Cannon Beach Treasure Company



There is no widely used worldwide standard for ring sizes, and sizing systems vary from country to country. To figure out your ring size from home, you can wrap a paper strip around your finger and measure this way the inside circumference. With this value you can see the right size in diameter from this chart below by Vaisanen Design.

Still not sure about sizing, email us at